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Regal Pharma Pvt. Ltd is Pakistan’s finest nutraceutical company. The company has a broad vision of serving mankind. The organization has a strong relationship with its business partners around the country. Regal Pharma Pvt. Ltd is working with multiple franchises around different regions of Pakistan.

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Business Model with our partner:

We care about our business partners. As a franchiser, we will implement our SOPs that include:

  • Team Hiring processes and policies.
  • Perks benefit and salary related policies.
  • Contract finalization with distributor.

Doctor Activities (SOPs of doctor’s activities will be approved by Regal Pharma Head Office, all activity cost will be done by franchisee).
Our District Manager will provide all field related aspect.

We will make sure our franchisee business will stand on profit within first few months; after that we will hand over the business to franchisee owner and take backend seat to monitor progress and provide suggestions with strong mutual collaboration, however we will make sure, sales of franchisee don’t decrease at any moment of time through our controlling tools.

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