Regal Pharma promises to provide quality and efficacious health care products along with collaborating other health professionals in society as partner in preventions.

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Regal Pharma Pvt. Ltd., is leading nutraceutical organization in Pakistan that cares about the life. We are building research components to ensure quality of our products. According to study, vitamins and Minerals are very essential for human body and deficiencies of vitamins and minerals will eventually result in some lethal diseases. We believe in prevention because human life matters. We guarantee, our product will be manufactured with premium standards. We care about our team, our business partners, who help us spreading this great cause of severing humanity.

This understanding of our customers will enable us to continue providing outstanding nutraceutical products after anticipating potential needs from society. Our goals are to provide high-quality and best health care products in relation to consumer requirements for betterment of mankind.


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Emerging our quality mission into a a state-of-the-art facility that is fit for outperforming industry guidelines, we have made a distinction with playful innovation


Our strength is our team, working day in & day out for making quality neutraceutical products along with some good layout for health industry. After setting up our strength in local pharmaceutical industry, we started spreading our wings beyond Pakistan with thirst on turning into a worldwide part in the global market


Significance of Vitamin C

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Significance of Vitamin D3

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Significance of Minerals

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Health Tips

  • Eat less drink more
  • Take diet and fibers
  • Maintain limited salt and sugar
  • Stay away of fats
  • Don’t consume alcohol

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  • Quickly resolution of complaints

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